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The Best 18 Dishwasher For Your Kitchen

The Best 18 Dishwasher For Your Kitchen
The Best 18 Dishwasher For Your Kitchen
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Buying a dishwasher can be a complicated process. You need to be sure that you choose the right model for your needs. That means that you need to find the best 18 dishwasher for your kitchen.

Bosch SPE53U55UC

Using a dishwasher is a chore but the Bosch SPE53U55UC 18 dishwasher is designed to make the process a snap. This ENERGY STAR rated model features a top rack that adjusts in one smooth motion and a water softener that will ensure your plates and bowls are spotless. It also comes with a 24-hour delay start timer and an impressive 46 dBA operation. This unit also has a three-tiered rack that provides ample room for silverware and large utensils. The dishwasher also comes with a double walled hose and an electro valve at the tap. This machine is a keeper for your kitchen.

Frigidaire FFBD1831US

Stainless steel and black are the two colors that Frigidaire offers in its FFBD1831US model. It is an ADA compliant dishwasher that can clean up to eight place settings in one cycle. The appliance comes with a dual spray arm system that offers a thorough clean. In addition, the dishwasher features a heavy wash cycle, a rinse-only cycle, and an energy-saver cycle. It also has a 24-hour delay start button.

Another feature that makes the Frigidaire FFBD1831US stand out is the Luxury-Glide technology that extends the upper and lower racks. This allows the dishwasher to accommodate larger items, such as a full-sized plate. The upper rack also includes fold-down tines, a stemware holder, and a 3-piece split silverware basket.


GE's PDT715SYNFS 18 dishwasher is a great choice for a modern kitchen. Its stainless steel finish makes it stand out from the crowd and its sleek profile blends in with any cabinetry. It also features a third rack, which is perfect for items like plastic lids and pizza slices. The GE PDT715SYNFS 18 isn't the most expensive dishwasher in the world, but it is one of the best value for money machines available. It has all the standard features you'd expect from a GE, including the 90+ spray jet wash system, Dry BoostTM, and automatic temperature control. In addition, it boasts some nifty technology such as a Water Leak Sensor, an intelligent control panel, and a slick touchpad.


GE dishwashers feature a heavy cycle, an adjustable upper rack, a hidden top control, and a pocket handle. They're available in black or stainless steel. They also include a Piranha(tm) Food Disposer that grinds up food particles and prevents dishwasher damage. They're also NSF Certified to sanitize your dishes.

LG's QuadWash technology uses four spray arms instead of two to give your dishes a thorough and efficient clean. The high-pressure jets work together with Multi-Motion action to remove stains from your plates. The dishwasher also includes a steam cycle to melt baked-on messes.

LG's dishwashers have fewer moving parts than other models and are built for peace and quiet. They come with a Wi-Fi feature, too, which allows you to connect with other LG appliances and devices. You can even use voice commands to send notifications when your dishes are done.


Powered by smart-clean technology, Thermador is an impressive addition to any kitchen. The company offers a wide range of features, including the Star Glow, which illuminates the dishwasher's interior in a variety of colors. The Home Connect app lets you control the unit via Wi-Fi, and even remote start the machine.

Thermador's dishwashers are also available in custom panel options, including stainless steel. A 3-level adjustable rack helps to eliminate obstructions and accommodate larger items. The internal ice maker is equipped with the Diamond Ice System, which creates uniquely shaped ice. A Time Remaining PowerBeam shines a countdown of the remaining cycle time on the floor.

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